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waterproofing membrane REHABILITATION


Waterproofing membrane can get compromised during its original installation and cause water and moisture to penetrate into the underground parking area, causing dripping and ponding on and around the vehicles.

This impregnation of moisture between the precast concrete, waterproofing membrane and asphalt can cause damage and potentially leading to compromising the structure itself.


Our Process: Using our infrared heating technology, IPR is able to capture 100 square feet of work area at a time. This system does not vibrate and can be used to isolate damaged areas and allows for quick and easy of asphalt and the damaged membrane.

Using a skid steer with a straight lipped bucket. Asphalt can be disposed of after removal.


Benefits Using Our Approach: Using a skid steer and a infrared heater we could easily expose work area’s and control the adjacent area’s that are left untouched. As opposed to having to use a variety of impact tools with straight edges to remove the membrane and a jack hammer or excavator to remove the asphalt.


Our process is quiet, does not cause any excess vibrations (as some structures prevent this due to safety concerns regarding structural integrity) and does not create any dust or construction debris. 

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