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Asphalt on concrete surfaces such as bridge decks and concrete parking structures is common. Many times there is a waterproof membrane between the asphalt and concrete. Often this is a two step process that involves chipping the asphalt off and then proceeding to scrape the membrane off. This is a costly and labour intensive process. with the correct size Heater, the asphalt and membrane can be heated and removed in once process in a fraction of the time.This quick process also ensures no vibratory action on the parking structure, unlike the time consuming process of jack hammering.  

Ensuring Granular Base has suitable moisture content is a crucial step in building, roads, pathways and other structures. Suitable Granular Base consists of free draining aggregate that is free of cohesive material (silt, clay). This ensures the base has minimal properties that can absorb moisture. If there is material that can absorb moisture, the foundation could end up expanding and contracting exponentially and lead to surface asphalt failures such as cracking, heaving leading to pot holes.


Using our Infrared heating technology, we can make multiple passes on the Granular Base and ensure suitable moisture content and compaction is achieved prior to placement of the asphalt Binder Course.


We also provide the technology and service for preheating Binder Course asphalt prior to placement of the Surface Course. This process ensures a thermal bond between the Courses of asphalt and will lead to a longer lasting asphalt structure. Various specifications call for certain ambient temperature ranges for suitable paving. Our technology can best mimic these ambient temperature specifications and ensure that the contractor employs the best practices for paving, even when cold weather is approaching.


This process has been utilized on many capital works projects for our surrounding Municipalities and for Provincial and Federal Highways across Ontario and other Provinces in Canada.


Please reach out to us for more information in the Contact Us section and we can provide you with further information!

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