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We utilize equipment manufactured by our sister company, Heat Design Equipment Inc. in Kitchener, Ontario.  Using our infrared heating system, we heat the defective asphalt in place. where it is then repaired,  Any voids in the pavement are filled with new asphalt that is kept warm in our hot box throughout the day.   


Work areas can be driven on shortly thereafter (once the asphalt repair area has cooled to a suitable temperature).

Our system supports the green recycling initiatives throughout Canada by utilizing the existing in-place asphalt and only requiring the addition of new asphalt to fill the volumetric voids of the defect.

Our process also includes the ability to seal along the edges of existing asphalt to create a less permeable joint along the patch perimeter. This helps prevent water infiltration and oxidation which is a major factor in the deterioration of an asphalt structure.

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