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Infrared Pavement Repair Corporation completed works utilizing our infrared heating technology to remediate and adjust the adjustable manholes located in the north and south bound lanes on Mill Street, between Stirling Avenue South and Queen Street South in Kitchener, Ontario. A total of 35 manholes were remediated, repaired and adjusted between November 26 and November 30, 2018 as part of a pilot program to explore alternative repair methods authorized through the City of Kitchener Engineering department. 
This alternative method was authorized to be explored to determine its feasibility from a construction practice, technical and monetary perspective. Current adjustment and repair methods involve saw cutting removal and replacement of asphalt surrounding the manhole or water valve in a diamond pattern (in the direction of travel), adjustment of the manhole to meet rideability specification(s), and replacement of material with specified Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA), Concrete or equivalent.  
Infrared technology was elected for trial to explore an alternative approach that is currently not specified within the city of Kitchener. This method allows for the reuse and recycling of onsite asphalt, surrounding the manhole, that meets the Region of Waterloo Standard Special Provisions (RWSSP 407 – Maintenance Hole, Catchbasin, Valve Chamber and Valve Box Installation) specification for tolerances and ensures a thermal bond between the existing asphalt and the repair work area. 
Utilizing infrared technology to repair manholes supports municipal green initiatives (by reusing the existing asphalt), Regional specifications, and, is a cost-effective method that ensure rideability and is aesthetically suitable. 

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