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Sanderson Management Inc.

30 Water Street North

Kitchener, Ontario

N2H 5A8


Attention:Patrick Krall (                                                                          September 3, 2019


Q19-238: Asphalt Maintenance Program – 675 Westmount Road East, Kitchener

Infrared Pavement Repair Corporation is pleased to provide you with a scope and quotation for the project located at 675 Westmount Road East in Kitchener, Ontario.


As requested, Infrared Pavement Repair Corporation inspected the asphalt parking structure on Tuesday September 3, 2019, to identify the various deficiencies in the pavement structure that require repair. Cracking, alligator (fatigue) cracking, and potholes were observed in the work area. Infrared Pavement Repair Corporation recommends utilizing infrared patch repair to remediate the deficiencies and extend the surface structure service life.


The intent of this approach is to treat the affected area’s that are allowing ponding of moisture, causing rutting, cracking that is allowing infiltration of moisture and undermining the surface asphalt course, which will result in further scaling, cracking and delamination over time.


Using our process, the repair area will be heated using our infrared heaters to a pliable temperature, the existing asphalt in the area will be scarified and have rejuvenator added along with supplemental HL-3F hot mix asphalt to fill any voids and ensure suitable grades. The area perimeter will be heated, compacted and sealed to ensure a less permeable joint along the existing asphalt edges to extend the pavement structure service life.


Please see the following pages for the detailed scope of work.

675 Westmount Road East, Kitchener:

675 Westmount.png

Figure 1 – 675 Westmount Road East, Kitchener; Work Area

675 westmount chart.PNG

675 Westmount Road East, Kitchener - Project Summary:


Based on the onsite inspection Infrared Pavement Repair Corporation recommends a one (1) year maintenance plan and estimates approximately 1728 square feet of infrared repairs, along with line painting required for the 2019 calendar year. The scope of work is estimated to take three (3) days to complete. Please see below for pricing:


  • Phase ‘A’ – 2019 Infrared Repairs Budget = $ 9390 plus HST

  • Phase ‘B’ – 2019 Line Painting = $ 600 plus HST


Proposed one (1) year maintenance budget for 675 Westmount Road East, Kitchener = $ 9990 plus HST


Proposed Project Start Date: TBD 2019

Taxes: HST applied to full amount

Payment Terms: Payment upon Completion (within 30 days of receipt)


Rest assured that we will do our utmost to ensure the quality of work meets your expectations in a timely manner and that you will be satisfied with the results.


Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions or concerns.


Yours Sincerely,

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