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Infrared Pavement Repair Corporation completes asphalt maintenance repair works utilizing our customizable, modular infrared heating technology to remediate a plethora of surface course and binder course asphalt deficiencies on infrastructure across Ontario.  

Our objective is to provide a technically superior repair method that is both cost effective and has a lower carbon footprint, than conventional repair methods, that will extend the surface structure service life in a more beneficial manner. 

The common traditional preventative maintenance repair methods that are applied to generally good conditional pavement structures include asphalt patching, crack sealing, surface seals, thin hot mix overlays and microsurfacing. 

As pavement deterioration progresses, more substantial treatments are elected to be used to restore the pavements structural capability. These include ‘milling and filling’ for minor and major rehabilitation projects. 

Infrared technology can be utilized as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with the noted maintenance methods. The infrared repair method recycles the existing asphalt and ensures a thermal bond between the existing asphalt and the repair work area that provides a less permeable joint that outperforms traditional repair methods. 

Utilizing infrared technology to repair asphalt defects supports municipal green initiatives by reusing the existing asphalt. It is a cost-effective method that has a lower carbon footprint and also ensures safe rideability that is aesthetically pleasing. 

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