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HWY 401 & 409

HWY 401 & 409

IPR completed the asphalt remediation for the installation of vibratory measurement cables on Highway 401 and Highway 409 in November 2018. The small utility cuts were between 1-1/2” wide to 10” by 2” deep and 4’ long. The cables were placed at the bottom of the trench, with insulating sand placed on top.


The cables had a temperature tolerance that was not to exceed 80°C (otherwise the transmission of data through the cables may be compromised). Utilizing our patented Infrared technology and using a thermostat, we could ensure that the walls of the trench were suitably heated, replacement asphalt installed and have the surface thermally bonded to the adjacent existing asphalt without exceeding the 80°C tolerance.


Using Infrared technology for specialty installations that have tight specifications is one of the many benefits of our system. Our pricing isn’t based on a volume of material sold, so we can capitalize on providing this service that alternative methods would dictate either a larger work area or not consider completing at all.

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