Maintenance of asphalt structures is important, especially when it is at your doorstep! Using our patented Infrared heating technology, we can remediate and rejuvenate your existing in-place asphalt driveway.


Over the course of many years, your driveway will experience a lot of live and dead load action, vehicles parking for prolonged periods of time, turning and driving in the same area repeatedly, which results in rutting, cracking and can eventually develop in to several pot holes.


Why pay to have a contractor excavate out your existing driveway and replace with a 2” lift of asphalt when you can remediate and rejuvenate the in place driveway within one day?! Using our Infrared technology, we can heat your existing driveway and add any additional hot mix asphalt required to bring the structure up to a suitable grade, re-compact and can be driven on the following day! Our process does not obstruct the granular base and removes all surface defects and blemishes. This process generally will only take IPR one day to completely fix an asphalt driveway. We can also expand your driveway at a lower cost by not having to replace your existing asphalt driveway, we can add on and blend to ensure continuity.


We have been servicing the Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph and surrounding region for over 20 years! Please contact us for a quotation today!

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