At Infrared Pavement Repair Corporation, we realize that property managers have many responsibilities beyond the scope of parking lot maintenance. That is why we offer pavement management plans to property managers, business owners, and maintenance professionals. The process starts with on-site evaluations for each property, by one of our pavement management specialists. We evaluate the pavement’s surface quality, cracks, severely damaged areas, and line striping. 

We then create a pavement maintenance plan, including an evaluation of the current condition of the pavement, quotes for repairs, as well as future budgetary and cost savings estimates. We then meet with our clients to determine what repairs are the most cost-effective and how they can budget for future repairs.

HDE's Infrared Asphalt Patching Machines will heat and soften a localized area of the asphalt, so that it can be reworked and re-compacted eliminating the surface deterioration. The highly efficient infrared heaters can soften the asphalt to original mixing temperatures within 5-10 minutes making the repair of an asphalt surface both effective and economical. Repairs can be made with minimal time expended and minor traffic re-routing. 

The advantage of the infrared system is that repair work can be completed year round. Potholes are fixed permanently in the winter using hot asphalt, unlike cold patches.

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