City of Kitchener - Manhole Adjustments

Using Infrared technology to remediate adjustable manholes on Mill Street in the city of Kitchener. This was in order to meet the rideability tolerance as per ‘RWSSP 407 – maintenance hole, Catchbasin, Valve Chamber and Valve Box’ for a 15mm deflection tolerance. 


LRT Construction - AECON/Grandlinq

Binder course asphalt repair on milled surface to prevent reflection cracking on he surfaces course using our infrared equipment process. 

09/2017 - 03/2018

City of Guelph - Various repairs

Various road work to repair asphalt defects. Including re-grading around deflective manholes to prevent snow plow blades from hitting them when plowing. Also completed laneway repair on York Road this past winter, removing cold patch and using our infrared skid steer mounted unit to repair various cracking, rutting, and delamination. 


Region of Durham - Fer-Pal Construction

Various utility cuts that required Infrared repair, as per the Region on Durham specifications. These dictate that utilities cuts have the surface asphalt thermally bonded to the adjacent, in-site asphalt.


HWY 401 (Coburg) - MTO

Longitudinal joint repair on the East and West bound lanes of the 401 in Coburg for a total of 24km of repairs. This was an R&D project that was exploring alternative methods to remove the longitudinal joint where Echelon Paving was not feasible. This was proposed as an alternative to mill and fill. Achieved optimal production rate of 15ft per minute from initial heat to finished, compact surface. 


Region of Waterloo - Fountain St. Pathway Repair

Bicycle path repair: during construction an improper sized roller was utilized for the pathway and caused segregation in localized areas which would eventually spall and crack. Using our infrared heating system, we brought the surface asphalt up to a pliable temperature and introduced HL3-F to fill the surface voids and to compact to ensure a smooth riding surface.