IPR offers full site inspections and quotations, free of charge! We provide multi-year, multi-phase budgets and quotations to maintain your commercial parking lots. Our comprehensive maintenance programs will ensure that your parking lot, aprons and entrances are free of trip hazards which will prolong the service life of your asphalt structure.


Typically, asset management groups have an annual budget that is allocated for their parking lots. With our approach, we can ensure that an annual maintained plan is in place and maintained.


We have provided this service for hundreds of commercial property management firms across Ontario utilizing our infrared technology. Our process reduces down time (work areas can be driven on once the asphalt has been cooled) and our work areas are smaller which is less obstructive than other asphalt patching methods. With our process, we do not create dust or a lot of noise (as opposed to saw cutting methods).


Please reach out to our sales staff for a free quotation, site meet or consultation!

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