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Our Technology

IPR uses Patented Infrared heating Equipment that is manufactured in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada by our sister company Heat Design Equipment Inc. ( HDE ). IPR and HDE have worked together in developing the infrared technology and expanding the market within Canada and the US.

Our Infrared process works by using propane mixed with air to develop high intensity infrared heat. The propane is ignited within a patented ceramic cartridge to develop high temeratures in the range of 1500-1800F. In less than 10 minutes the heater will re-heat the asphalt to re-mixing temperatures of 250-300F, encompassing an area as large as 96 square feet and 2.5″ deep. The Infrared heat will not burn the asphalt but heats the asphalt from within to a temperature that is the equivalent to fresh plant mix. Once the infrared panel is removed we scarify the area, and add a rejuvenator that replaces the light oils that have oxidized over time. We then add fresh new asphalt from a heater strorage box that is part of the asphalt maintenance truck. The fresh asphalt is spread evenly throughout the repair. Again, we add more rejuvenator, raking the repair area, smooth and level. With our specialized vibratory compactor we compact the hot mix, and fuse the new asphalt to the old. This creates a thermal bond flush with the surrounding surface, leaving no cold joints, or points of weakness for water to penetrate and cause future potholes. Our patch should last as long or longer than the surrounding surface.

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