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The Infrared Advantage

Effective in the repair of:
 Failed pavement joints
 Asphalt removal from wood and concrete
 Oil spots in parking areas
 Dips in the road/parking lot
 Raising manhole and utility covers
 Joint repair: concrete and asphalt
 Re-grading onto existing pavement
 Repairing approachables
 Levelling frost heaves and trip hazards

Save Time

Repairs can be made at a fraction of the time of conventional methods, and your road, parking lot or driveway can be open to traffic immediately after.

Save Resources

Recycling existing asphalt reduces waste by 80%, and less machinery is required to get the job done... that's something we can all feel good about!


Save Money

Savings realized in materials, manpower and machinery make infrared the only choice if you are looking for greater value over more traditional methods.

Unlock Your Potential.

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