Paving specifications do not allow placing a surface course pavement in cold weather. A typical specification in the past has been the ambient temperature must be 10c and rising before a paving operation can commence. The main reason for this is the concern that the cold asphalt in place will cool the newly placed surface too quickly, before adequate compaction can be attained. More recent specifications put a lower limit of 2c on the base asphalt.

Having as asphalt crew, plant and trucks waiting for a temperature rise can be very expensive. A relaxed specification because of a construction deadline can be even more expensive in the long term.

The HDE 1000M can eliminate concerns of adequate temperature in the base course by pre-heating in front of the paver.

The heating deck is 8 feet wide, extendable up to 14 feet and 6 feet long. The deck can be mounted on the back of a medium-duty truck, a skid-steer or on a transfer auger.

Depending on ambient conditions and paving speed, a second unit may be required. The HDE 1000M can also be used to dru the surface of the asphalt prior to paving.